Adam Hazlett - Featured Graduate

Featured Graduate

Adam Robert Hazlett
Fenton, Michigan
“Twain claimed the classics as things everyone wants to have read, but no one wants to actually read; however, with my tutors and mentors at HMU, I was not only able to read these works, I was able to fully and wholly study and absorb them.  HMU offered me both the academic flexibility and rigor that I longed for.”
- Adam Hazlett

While working as a full time professor at Henry Ford College, Dr. Hazlett sought to enhance his humanities education.  He had researched many programs and universities, but under the suggestion of his vice president of academics, Dr. Hazlett did one more search into his dream program.  That is when he found Harrison Middleton University.  The school offered a comprehensive humanities curriculum with an emphasis on primary texts.  This was the perfect fit.

Dr. Hazlett has worked as a college professor for over 15 years and teaches a variety of disciplines – writing, world religions, and political science.  He has a real passion for interdisciplinary learning and exploring such learning opportunities with his students. A loving husband and father, Dr. Hazlett was born and raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  He credits his determination and confident attitude to this upbringing.  When not teaching, Dr. Hazlett enjoys outdoor pursuits like hunting, camping and fishing.  He plays a variety of instruments and also enjoys poetry and film.

For his capstone, Dr. Hazlett developed a college humanities curriculum that focused on character education through modern mythology.  With the popularity of superhero films, Dr. Hazlett decided to utilize these artifacts in the teaching of ethics.  Because of the confines of the secular state college classroom, the seemingly innocuous genre of the superhero film is the perfect way to introduce and explore the concepts of personal character, moral duty, social justice, and the nature of heroism. Conversely, these discussions will also open up the ideas of injustice, moral bankruptcy, and the nature of the villain.

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