Dr. Ellin Iselin - Outstanding Graduate

Outstanding Graduate


Dr. Ellin Iselin
Jacksonville, FL
“Harrison Middleton University is a model educational institution for the 21st century. While students learn independently from a distance, the administration, faculty and staff are always close and ready to offer support.”
-Dr. Ellin Iselin

Ellin Iselin, Professor of Humanities, teaches at Florida State College in Jacksonville. Ellin decided to pursue a doctoral degree and learned about Harrison Middleton University through an Internet search. HMU's Doctor of Arts program was an ideal fit providing pedagogical and andragogical practice as well as discipline-specific research.

Dr. Iselin graduated with a Master of Arts in Philosophy and Religion and a Doctor of Arts. She completed extensive readings, conversations, and coursework that explored the development of themes related to immortality and the soul through the Great Books and inquiry-based discussion traditions. With a background in theater and communication, Ellin chose a Capstone Project that could combine her career experience and areas of personal interest with the study of philosophy---thus the movie "Soul in the Machine" was created.

The rigorous Doctor of Arts program, from which Ellin graduated with a 4.0 grade point average, helped her hone her critical thinking and writing skills. Dr. Iselin expects to use her creative work, produced with the guidance of HMU's Doctor of Arts program, in classroom lectures, integrating classical, traditional, and contemporary educational conversational resources in order to enhance student learning and her own effectiveness as an educator. Additionally she anticipates submitting The Soul in the Machine to film festivals around the world.

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