Featured Graduates

Our Featured Graduates

Featured Graduate

Adam Hazlett, Fenton, MI

"Twain claimed the classics as things everyone wants to have read, but no one wants to actually read; however, with my tutors and mentors at HMU, I was not only able to read these works, I was able to fully and wholly study and absorb them. HMU offered me both the academic flexibility and rigor that I longed for."

– Adam Hazlett

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Featured Graduate

Gary Waters, Kingman, AZ

"Harrison Middleton University's curriculum is based upon the bedrock of Western thought, namely the Great Works, and is thus of a lasting value for those who love learning for its own sake."

– Gary Waters

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Featured Graduate

James Keller, Columbia, SC

"Studying at Harrison Middleton has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life. One learns to read more intelligently by asking interpretive questions and relying on the text for answers. The process of shared inquiry keeps the mind from becoming an echo chamber and opens up the text through the insights and questions of others. I am eager to resume my studies with HMU."

– James Keller

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Featured Graduate

Dr. Edgar Daniels, Levittown, NY

"I continue to be impressed with Harrison Middleton University's educational philosophy and the manner in which they put it into practice. I would recommend the school without hesitation to anyone seeking a meaningful, rewarding, and ultimately life enriching educational experience."

– Dr. Edgar Daniels

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