Tutor Favorite Websites

Good Friday is coming up. Easter is coming up. July Fourth will be here before you know it...which means that you just might have a day of rest all to yourself! Which means, maybe you will have time to read a new, some of the HMU tutors shared a short list of recommended websites. These span the spectrum from informational (like bioparks and events calendars) to favorite blogs and editorials. We hope that you will enjoy some of these, and maybe even check into a few of them (alphabetical by last name). Feel free to share your favorites below too!

Dr. Deb Deacon isn’t much of an internet reader, but she does check the Textile Society of America website ( on a regular basis, both for research and to check to see what is new in the world of art textiles. She also visits the Ghibli Museum website ( to keep up with happenings at the studio that created some of her favorite anime.

Rebecca Fisher does not spend much time on the web, but does check the following sites regularly:

Marge Metcalf felt it best to categorize her favorite websites by favorite topics. Maybe the internet should have a Syntopicon?:

Trinity River Audubon Center:
Nature Conservancy:
Phoenix Botanical Garden:

Dallas Botanical Garden:

Evan Grant blog, sports blog for Texas Rangers:
Frisco Rough Riders, minors baseball league in Texas:
Arizona State University Women's Basketball:

St. John's College, publications
NPR book reviews.

Bridge Base online:
Oh, and of course, HMU's blog site:


Gary Schoepfel: Classical Wisdom Weekly (Ancient Wisdom for Modern Minds):

Alissa Simon likes to read a variety of online sources. She consistently checks (and recommends) the following:
~ this is a nice compilation of a variety of texts with modern day context
~ PBS: Mostly for Masterpiece Theatre, but she scans through other info too (  

~ Performance Today: The best classical music from live concerts around the world:

~ well organized debates that discuss a lot of current hot button topics

~ some interesting ingredients and interesting combinations

~ who does not fantasize about travel combined with literature now and again?