Edgar Daniels - Outstanding Graduate

Outstanding Graduate


Dr. Edgar Daniels

Levittown, New York


“I continue to be impressed with Harrison Middleton University’s educational philosophy and the manner in which they put it into practice.  I would recommend the school without hesitation to anyone seeking a meaningful, rewarding, and ultimately life enriching educational experience.”    Dr. Edgar Daniels

Dr. Edgar Daniels is a busy college professor who wanted to expand his intellectual horizons by studying the best literary works available and applying new knowledge to the courses he teaches. He realized the opportunity to do this with Harrison Middleton University’s Doctor of Arts program. Dr. Daniels, a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT), is an Assistant Professor in the Child Study Department at St. Joseph’s College, N.Y. where he works with students who are studying to become teachers.  He is also an educational consultant who conducts workshops for teachers on cooperative learning, differentiated instruction, co-teaching, bullying, and teacher mentoring.

For his capstone project, Dr. Daniels designed two courses for the St. Joseph’s College Freshman Year Experience Program that were aligned with the goals and philosophy of St. Joseph’s College. Both courses, The 7 Deadly Sins through the Short Story and Thinking Critically about Civic Engagement, were based on publications from the Great Books Foundation. They were accepted by the college and taught during the Fall 2014 semester. 

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