Missy Andrews - Featured Graduate

Featured Graduate


Missy Andrews
Rice, WA
“HMU gave me the opportunity to pursue literature and the Great Ideas by structuring a program that reflected my individual interests and goals. The university’s pedagogical approach of reading, writing, and discussion presses the student into conversation with the Great Authors and a community of readers and thinkers. The tutors were intelligent, well-read, and thoughtful; the staff supportive and responsive. Ultimately, the focus remained on the authors and their works. HMU goes so far as to list the Great Authors themselves as instructors. This is no trite marketing copy. I came away from my studies at HMU having imbibed the ideas of the Great Authors, rather than a group of scholars who claim to speak for them. I was challenged to interact with primary works, supporting my own understanding with textual references, rather than with secondary criticism. I appreciate HMU’s respect for the voice of the authors as contained in their works. Such respect is rare in the academic world of textual criticism.”
-Missy Andrews

Missy Andrews has had a lifetime affinity for great books. She completed her undergraduate work in English literature and Christian Studies at Hillsdale College and married her college sweetheart. Relocating to Virginia Beach, VA, they began to pursue master’s degrees, but Missy laid graduate work aside to embrace a career of motherhood, which included the project of home education.

Finding a deficit of curriculum in the subject of literature, she and her husband developed Teaching the Classics, A Socratic Method for Literary Education, which approaches the study of literature through structure, style, and Socratic discussion. Missy and Adam began the Center for Literary Education, a parent-training and curriculum-development organization that exists to help homeschool parents teach the classics of Western Civilization, including literature curriculum, teacher resources, homeschool support, reading groups, a literary podcast, and an online school that offers 5th-12th grade literature and composition classes.

When Missy’s thoughts turned back to graduate work, she began a program at HMU in Imaginative Literature. Her coursework, readings, and discussions enriched the work she was doing with her children and in her work with other families. Missy’s Capstone was a memoir about her homeschool experience, entitled My Divine Comedy – A Mother’s Homeschool Journey, which substantiates the wisdom she gained through the project of home education with the testimony of the great authors.

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