In Our Students' Words

In Our Students’ Words

Undergraduate Students & Graduates

The Process of Shared Inquiry

The process of shared inquiry is of unimaginable benefit.  Spending time pondering the questions that arise when reading a work of philosophy, science, history, or great literature is of immense benefit to the serious student of the humanities.  One of the advantages at HMU is that one asks his own questions of a text, rather than relying on a professor’s interests to guide one’s reading.”

J. Keller, Bachelor of Philosophy and Religion Graduate (2015)

Tutors, Mentors, and Portfolio Evaluators

Over the course of my time here, all of my encounters with the HMU staff have been rewarding ones. They have always been very gracious and supportive. In every discussion with a Tutor they have repeatedly helped me to feel comfortable while at the same time challenging me to delve deeper, broadening and enriching my thoughts.  The valuable feedback from the Portfolio Evaluator continues to be beneficial and instructive. My Mentor and all of the administrative staff have been prepared to assist and encourage me onward in such positive ways.

C. McClain, Current Associate of Arts in Humanities Student (2015)

Would you recommend Harrison Middleton University to a friend?

Hence the fundamental quality required of a prospective Harrison Middleton student is curiosity.  The Great Works, the Great Authors, the tutors... none alone can provide understanding.  A student will get out of the program what they put into it.  This includes reading all assigned works at least twice, asking questions that are personally interesting, and relating newly encountered ideas to those previously considered.  A student's degree of investment in the program is apparent in their essays and their conversations, and from such participation their grades originate.  It is hoped by all the staff at Harrison Middleton that a high personal involvement on behalf of the student will result in a lifelong retention of what has been learned, and that by spending time with the best minds of past the student will receive an education of lasting value.”

2015 Bachelor of Arts in Humanities Graduate (2015)

Did you achieve, or will you have achieved upon completing your studies, the goals you had when you started your program?

As I near completing my bachelor’s degree, it is not the attainment of the paper that is foremost in my mind.  As I go through my day, I contemplate Plato’s conception of justice.  I work through Aristotle’s conception of what it means to be human.  I consider Aurelius’ austerity.  I do not know if I have become any wiser, but I have begun to seriously consider the works of the wise.  And I know that I have gained something far richer than a mere grade.”

J. Keller, Bachelor of Philosophy and Religion Graduate (2015)

Masters Students & Graduates

Tutors, Mentors, and Portfolio Evaluators

Thinking back, I feel silly that I was very nervous during my first two courses when I spoke to my Tutors on the phone for the course discussions. I had no idea what to expect, how the conversations would flow and what kind of people I’d be speaking to. Without exception, all Tutors have been very kind, brilliant, helpful, jovial and understanding. Some have had a great sense of humor, easing some tension on my part. There have been many times when my Tutors and I have had some laughs about the “old, dead white guys” who wrote the books in my courses. Sorry Montesquieu and Aquinas, you definitely write a bit much!”

“On the other hand, the Portfolio Evaluators are a very tough crowd but rightly so, as I quickly discovered. I was shocked when an Evaluator sent an essay back (the first of many) with multiple corrections, requests for elaboration of my interpretations, all of which I’d never encountered in other degree programs. When I re-read the essays that needed corrections and adjustments, I quickly (grudgingly) realized the Evaluators were spot on in their judgments of my essays. We all think of our words as our children, quite difficult to cut from our essays. I love to write, thus guilty of needing those necessary revisions. I’m used to it now, but because I’m about to begin my final course it’s too bad we can’t begin the academic journey with all of this knowledge and information. Learning the hard way probably makes for a permanent imprint in our brain. It will definitely help everyone be a much more succinct writer in academia and the workplace.”

The administrators and support staff are without exception very helpful, always responding quickly to e-mails. When I sometimes become discouraged or need a little pep talk, Dr. Deacon is so positive, a great advocate and cheerleader, and provides practical suggestions whenever I ask. I believe the entire staff truly wants every student to succeed, love their course of study and complete their program.

C. Jonas, Current Master of Arts in Philosophy and Religion Student (2015)

All things considered, are you satisfied with your studies at Harrison Middleton University?

I always mention HMU as a truly unique experience and worth the effort – on my own blog via a link to HMU, on the Distance Learning website, on my Amazon profile, as well as to anyone who is within hearing distance if they ask what I do now that I don’t work. My goals – continue to be “educating,” not educated, which implies there’s an end if you’re “educated.” We’re never finished, we’re always learning. HMU has been a guiding light for me and for the first time, I know I’ll finish my master’s program. Thank you, HMU, staff, administrators, Tutors. You’re the best; I mean that from the heart and with much gratitude.

C. Jonas, Current Master of Arts in Philosophy and Religion Student (2015)

Doctoral Students & Graduates

Flexible Study

A secondary concern when selecting a doctoral program was the ability to accommodate my class schedule with my daily responsibilities.  Not only do students have the ability to tailor their classes, but they also have the ability to schedule classes at times that are convenient for them.  Students set their own pace in reading and understanding their coursework, and then scheduling discussion with a tutor to complete their assignments.

P. Ponzio, Doctor of Arts Graduate (2015)

Tutors, Mentors, and Portfolio Evaluators

"The intellectual and emotional support of faculty can make all the difference in student success. The personal attention given by Harrison Middleton University is outstanding and is one of the reasons I continue to recommend the school to my colleagues at Florida State College at Jacksonville."

E. Iselin, Current Doctor of Arts Student (2015)

Personalized Coursework

 “HMU provided the perfect program for my needs and goals.  The student is allowed substantial flexibility in guiding the specifics of the course of study.” 

J. Thurman, Doctor of Arts Graduate (2015)

 “Prior to enrolling at HMU, I spent many months comparing the various universities that offer doctoral programs via distance learning and conclude that HMU provided students the most flexibility in developing their individualized program of study and schedules.  Once enrolled, my assigned Mentor offered outstanding guidance and allowed me the opportunity to design an individual program of study based on my specific interests and goals.”

 G. Lockard, Doctor of Arts Graduate (2015)

Discussions with Tutors on a One-to-One Basis

In a departure from traditional classroom methods, students schedule discussions with tutors on a one-to-one basis:  this one-to-one time is invaluable in helping students to understand course material, and can’t be replicated in a traditional classroom setting.”

P. Ponzio, Doctor of Arts Graduate (2015)

Did you achieve, or will you have achieved upon completing your studies, the goals you had when you started your program?

The curriculum at HMU, based on the Great Books of the Western World, challenged me to not only increase my knowledge on various subject areas, but also to expand my research methods and ability to analyze, compare and contrast key ideas and concepts. The coursework, which included a combination of individual study, discussions with tutors, and written essays, was challenging, thought provoking, and at times difficult, but always rewarding.  My individual program of study focused on social science, with an emphasis on Democracy, Citizen, and War and Peace. The Great Books of the Western World, which were the foundation of my studies, contain key ideas and concepts that are just as important for today's world as when they were originally written. Studying the great authors of western civilization, such as Aristotle, Freud, Hamilton, and Rousseau, to name just a few, was very enlightening and helped me to meet, and exceed, my academic goals.

G. Lockard, Doctor of Arts Graduate (2015)

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"We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us."
~ Marcel Proust