In Our Students' Words

In Our Students’ Words

Lifelong Learning

“I cannot imagine a better education for this stage of my life and personal development. My ability to think critically and examine and defend my ideas has grown dramatically through this rich program.”

M. Bryant, Current Doctor of Arts Student (2018)

“The rhythms of independent study followed by discussion and reflection with difficult texts, challenge me to be a lifelong learner and to compassionately understand the struggles that my students face as learners.”

J. Reynolds, Doctor of Education Graduate (2017)

Primary Source Documents

"Reading the very words of the Great Authors presents to me the chance to come to my own understanding of what they were saying versus someone else’s. It was rare for me as both an undergraduate and graduate student to read whole texts of an important author in philosophy or theology. Much of the time it was excerpts. Now that I am working on my Doctor of Arts I have been given the opportunity to read entire texts of the Great Authors. It has given me a wonderful insight into them, their thinking, and to see how it has influenced others. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of the Great Books and the Great Authors!"

J. Kral, Current Doctor of Arts Student (2017)

Would you recommend Harrison Middleton University to a friend?

"…the result for me has been a growing confidence in my ability to read, think, and articulate ideas, and, I hope, the signature self-knowledge and empathy that accompanies the honest study of any classic. I would recommend HMU to anyone with an inquisitive mind who desires a larger community in which to study the great ideas of man."

M. Andrews, Master's Program Graduate (2016)

All things considered, are you satisfied with your studies at Harrison Middleton University?

I always mention HMU as a truly unique experience and worth the effort – on my own blog via a link to HMU, on the Distance Learning website, on my Amazon profile, as well as to anyone who is within hearing distance if they ask what I do now that I don’t work. My goals – continue to be “educating,” not educated, which implies there’s an end if you’re “educated.” We’re never finished, we’re always learning. HMU has been a guiding light for me and for the first time, I know I’ll finish my master’s program. Thank you, HMU, staff, administrators, Tutors. You’re the best; I mean that from the heart and with much gratitude.

C. Jonas, Current Master's Program Student (2015)

Personalized Coursework

"As a mother, home educator, curriculum developer, teacher, and co-founder of an online literature academy, I have found my experience at HMU an invaluable opportunity to pursue my personal and professional interests in literature and writing. From creating coursework to shaping discussions to writing formal, literary analyses, HMU has placed me in the driver’s seat of my own education."

M. Andrews, Master's Program Graduate (2016)

“Prior to enrolling at HMU, I spent many months comparing the various universities that offer doctoral programs via distance learning and concluded that HMU provided students the most flexibility in developing their individualized program of study and schedules.  Once enrolled, my assigned Mentor offered outstanding guidance and allowed me the opportunity to design an individual program of study based on my specific interests and goals.”

 G. Lockard, Doctor of Arts Graduate (2015)

“HMU provided the perfect program for my needs and goals.  The student is allowed substantial flexibility in guiding the specifics of the course of study.” 

J. Thurman, Doctor of Arts Graduate (2015)

Tutors, Mentors, and Portfolio Evaluators

"The intellectual and emotional support of faculty can make all the difference in student success. The personal attention given by Harrison Middleton University is outstanding and is one of the reasons I continue to recommend the school to my colleagues at Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Harrison Middleton University is a model educational institution for the 21st century. While students learn independently from a distance, the administration, faculty and staff are always close and ready to offer support.”

E. Iselin, Doctor of Arts Graduate (2018)

The administrators and support staff are without exception very helpful, always responding quickly to e-mails. When I sometimes become discouraged or need a little pep talk, Dr. Deacon is so positive, a great advocate and cheerleader, and provides practical suggestions whenever I ask. I believe the entire staff truly wants every student to succeed, love their course of study and complete their program.

C. Jonas, Current Master's Program Student (2015)

"My experience with HMU tutors has been outstanding, each one has been professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging.  They have consistently pushed me into deeper and to more significant critical reflection and thinking.  As a result, I have grown as a student and scholar.  The discussions are a significant part of the learning process.  The tutors always take me far beyond the factual content and urge me to reflect rationally and critically about the fundamental issue each reading addresses.  The shared inquiry model has been most helpful in the application of the Socratic method and I have been able to incorporate it into the classes I teach with excellent success.

D. Seng, Master of Arts in Humanities Graduate & Current Doctor of Arts Student (2017)

Why a Liberal Arts Education?

"But my journey continues, however, and HMU is still part of that story. Since I completed my MA with HMU, I gained another MA from a large research university.  At this point, I knew I wanted to get a doctoral degree and further my career in education.  The question for me, was do I want get a very narrowly focused Ph.D. from a research institution or get a doctorate that reflects the depth and breadth of learning grounded in the great minds that over the course of centuries have collectively struggled with perennial issues and can be applied in many different fields? With these two choices in mind, I chose to return to HMU." 

D. Seng, Master of Arts in Humanities Graduate & Current Doctor of Arts Student (2017)

Flexible Study

A secondary concern when selecting a doctoral program was the ability to accommodate my class schedule with my daily responsibilities.  Not only do students have the ability to tailor their classes, but they also have the ability to schedule classes at times that are convenient for them.  Students set their own pace in reading and understanding their coursework, and then scheduling discussion with a tutor to complete their assignments.

P. Ponzio, Doctor of Arts Graduate (2015)


"I am delighted at how useful my HMU work has been and continues to be. In the final stages of my Capstone Project, I was frequently using material from the project to work with my fellow local educators in our context, and I was simultaneously receiving feedback from them about our work together, which helped me to refine and improve my project. HMU's balance of form and flexibility is extremely helpful for working with chaotic elements of public education. Having just finished the degree program, I feel greatly equipped to continuously improve my effectiveness as an educator."

J. Reynolds, Doctor of Education Graduate (2017)

Did you achieve, or will you have achieved upon completing your studies, the goals you had when you started your program?

The curriculum at HMU, based on the Great Books of the Western World, challenged me to not only increase my knowledge on various subject areas, but also to expand my research methods and ability to analyze, compare and contrast key ideas and concepts. The coursework, which included a combination of individual study, discussions with tutors, and written essays, was challenging, thought provoking, and at times difficult, but always rewarding.  My individual program of study focused on social science, with an emphasis on Democracy, Citizen, and War and Peace. The Great Books of the Western World, which were the foundation of my studies, contain key ideas and concepts that are just as important for today's world as when they were originally written. Studying the great authors of western civilization, such as Aristotle, Freud, Hamilton, and Rousseau, to name just a few, was very enlightening and helped me to meet, and exceed, my academic goals.

G. Lockard, Doctor of Arts Graduate (2015)

"We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us."
~ Marcel Proust